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Wildcat Venture Partners


Wildcat Venture Partners


Workplace Planning and Design​


San Mateo, CA


9,850 square feet

“Wildcat Drilling” is an exploratory method analogous to this venture capitalist firm’s approach to business and thus the source of its name. Behind the reception desk of Wildcat Venture Partners’ new offices, an abstract of a pump jack serves as an introduction to this ethos.


©Ines Leong / L-INES Photo

Wildcat sought to create a productive workspace in a modest footprint that is also flexible for entertaining clients. The program includes a private area to serve as incubation space for potential investment companies. The aesthetic direction of “buttoned-down tech” was achieved through warm, neutral materials, ample glass, and feature elements like wooden slat screens and graphic wall coverings. The result is a bright and inviting space that balances productivity, creativity, and social interaction.

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