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Workplace Planning and Design


San Francisco, CA


33,000 square feet

A leader in website design and hosting, Weebly was drawn to a historic warehouse originally built for liquor distribution. The company’s founders insisted that the built environment reflect Weebly’s culture in a tangible way. The design responds by featuring the products of Weebly’s customers throughout the space. To ensure employees feel excited about coming to work, workspaces are augmented with just the right mix of amenities including a gym, game areas, and a music room. A phasing strategy allows for expansion into additional floors over time.


Matthew Millman

The lobby and boardroom overlook a large, light-filled floor opening to a lower level, anchored by a dining area for 200 people, seated comfortably on picnic benches – a tradition carried on from the company’s early days when its first employees shared meals communally. A secret room, entered through a hidden door in a library bookcase, harkens back to the building’s prohibition era past. Once inside, flocked velvet wallpaper, exposed-filament lighting, and period furniture create a vintage atmosphere perfect for sharing a beverage, or perhaps the next great technology idea.

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