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Workplace Planning and Design


Sausalito, CA


Tolleson Design, a creative agency, has transformed its office to prioritize remote work and elevate the client experience. Relocating from San Francisco to Sausalito, the versatile space fosters collaboration and flexibility.


John Sutton Photography

At the heart of the new space, Tolleson has envisioned a central hub that transcends conventional office boundaries, serving as a nexus for creativity and client engagement. This vibrant and multifunctional "brand lab" not only accommodates client presentations but also facilitates visioning sessions and immersive brand experiences.

Surrounding the brand lab, an array of purpose-built spaces have been meticulously crafted to cater to the diverse needs of both the creative staff and the clients. Conference rooms provide havens for strategic discussions, team areas foster collaboration and ideation, while phone booths offer private spaces. A state-of-the-art photography studio has been incorporated, enabling Tolleson to capture impressive brand imagery with precision and excellence. With autonomy over work locations, assigned workstations are no longer needed.

By strategically reinventing their office footprint and investing in the right amenities, Tolleson Design has embraced an environment that not only reflects their company culture but also prioritizes the power of genuine in-person connection.

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