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The Fields


Knickpoint Ventures


Interior Planning and Design


Chicago, IL


65,000 square feet

In the vibrant Avondale Hermosa neighborhood of Chicago, a historic building that has seen its fair share of changes over the decades is continuing to evolve. Initially constructed in the 1920s as a rug factory, and later serving as a warehouse for Marshall Fields, the city-block-sized structure is being converted into a bustling center for local film and TV production, comprising a studio complex as well as supporting spaces for creative teams.


Steve Hall

A series of flexible spec suites accommodate production office functions like writing, table reads, and editing, and are offered on shorter lease terms to match dynamic TV and film production schedules. Blending new construction with the preservation of historical elements, the offices maximize natural light and an open feel. Design elements, including a vibrant color palette and vintage rugs, are carefully curated to foster productivity and creativity.

Installations from local artists, including graffiti murals, sometimes created in exchange for studio space, enrich the cultural tapestry of the development and anchor the studio complex in the neighborhood's cultural life. Transforming this historic building into a hub of creativity and innovation supports Chicago’s position as a thriving center for TV and film production.

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