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Tarkett Atelier


Tarkett Atelier


Workplace Planning and Design


New York, NY


10,000 square feet

“We were tasked with creating a destination—a place where designers would feel inspired and free to create. Cloaked in black, the entrance is dramatic and mysterious, with a neon sign that playfully invites you to dance. The space then opens up, revealing a variety of areas where one can collaborate, hide away, or simply pass the time between meetings while taking in the rotating exhibits.” Sandra Tripp, Managing Director


Ben McRae

This 10,000 sf space is a sophisticated, co-creation workspace and a source of inspiration for the A&D community. The modular showroom is functional, inspires collaboration and creativity, and encourages the design community to visit the space and use it as a destination for hosting events and presentations. Through a partnership with trend studio Edelkoort, Inc., the showroom is also a destination for a series of curated exhibits. With a larger footprint in NYC, the showroom offers the opportunity to experience all Tarkett solutions in one space and houses a variety of flooring platforms.

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