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Workplace Planning and Design​


Chicago, IL


40,000 square feet

To accommodate an aggressive plan for growth, flexibility, and adaptability, Relativity expanded to a 40,000 square foot floor in a neo-classical architectural gem located in Chicago’s financial district. Seeking to reuse much of a previous speculative build-out, the project includes a variety of alternative workspaces dispersed throughout the plan including a Zen/relaxation room. Open work areas are flanked by ​large collaboration areas for group work or all-hands meetings.


Garrett Rowland

Allowing teams to expand and contract seamlessly in response to changing business needs, the workstation design solution is comprised of a minimal “spine” where desks can be added or removed, but also positioned and rotated according to the preference of employees. Touch panel hubs and displays placed at strategic locations convey information on seating maps, new hires, and the next fun office event.

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