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ReD Associates


ReD Associates


Office Planning and Design


New York, NY


7,000 square feet

ReD Associates, one of the world's leading strategic business consultants, has offices in Denmark and New York. To accommodate growth in their New York office, Huntsman worked closely with the company on renovations in support of their collaborative workstyle and culture. The 7,000 square foot space is located in the landmark Standard Oil building in Manhattan, originally constructed in 1928. A primary goal of the project was to design a workplace that reflected the unique company culture while retaining the historic qualities of the interiors. The new space supports the communal nature of the workplace through a free addressing solution and forgoing private offices for more shared space and amenities. Minor restoration and refinishing efforts update the historic interior wood elements, including the chevron parquet floors, wall paneling, and crown molding. Where newer elements are introduced, the design leans towards an elegant Danish sensibility using clean and modern design elements that complement the warmth of the natural wood found in other spaces.


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