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Executive Briefing and Training Center


New York, NY


13,000 square feet

A worldwide leader in medical software to fight cancer, Stockholm-based RaySearch Laboratories expanded its U.S. presence on the 50th floor of the iconic Empire State Building. The 13,000 square foot space is a catalyst for connection with an enlarged client training facility and a home base for the company’s executive team.


Garrett Rowland

The design concept marries tech and hospitality elements in a space that inspires and supports employees and visitors alike. A welcoming entry, world-class coffee, places to collaborate, and spaces for quiet reflection - RaySearch’s core values of innovation, quality, and sustainability are reflected in every design feature.

Themes of movement and agility are conveyed through dynamically angled walls and articulated lighting, arranged to always lead the eye towards the expansive skyline views. Soft, natural, and light materials provide a luxurious tactile experience and evoke a Scandinavian aesthetic, while expressive steel plates and rivets reinforce the building’s New York context – a perfect blend for a global company.

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