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Workplace Planning and Design


San Francisco, CA


95,000 square feet

Digital marketing leader Quantcast’s three-floor headquarters in San Francisco’s tech-focused SoMa neighborhood began with the goal of better reflecting the company's dynamic image and fluid work culture. Highlighting the entry sequence, a vibrant wall mural by creative studio JaegerSloan captures the impact of Quantcast's product – AI driven digital advertising & measurement - through colorful illustrations. In the office space itself, a restrained architectural material palette is contrasted by warmer tones in furnishings and playful accent pieces.


Jasper Sanidad

An open floorplan, optimized for flexibility and efficiency, allows employees and entire teams to change locations freely. A variety of work settings helps balance collaboration with focused work. Freestanding whiteboards delineate neighborhoods while also improving transparency between teams. Social activities play an important role as highlighted by cafés on each floor, a flexible “town hall” space with mobile bleachers, and the QFS Bar, an oasis where one feels transported to another place. These communal spaces offer Quantcast employees an opportunity to take a timeout, reenergize, and bond with their colleagues.

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