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Piper Sandler


Piper Sandler


Office Planning and Design


San Francisco, CA


20,000 square feet

Following a comprehensive building search and selection process, Piper Jaffray enlisted Huntsman to design its new San Francisco office with a modern aesthetic that incorporates improved functionality, and greater connection to the company’s client base.
The experience begins at the elevator lobby, where vertical fins in fumed oak veneer create a stark contrast to a neutral palette of ceramic tile and white walls. Abundant glazing within perimeter offices and meeting rooms maximize exterior views and allow daylight to filter in to the core.


David Wakely

New office furniture standards line work surfaces, shelving, and storage along the interior walls. In shared offices, casual meeting spaces occupy the center. In the trading floor, adjustable height workstations offer greater flexibility throughout the work day.
The overall result is a workplace respectful of Piper Jaffray’s Wall Street reputation while reflecting its current client base. The new office provides highly collaborative, multi-functional spaces which encourage impromptu meetings while conforming to the required lines of business separation. With more open and light-filled spaces, office life at Piper Jaffray now becomes transparent.

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