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Online Publisher


Online Publisher


Workplace Planning and Design


San Francisco, CA


48,000 square feet

For this publishing platform creator, the office environment supports and reflects the art of storytelling. The space responds to the need for a high level of both collaboration and concentration as staff edit written works and develop tools for online users. Partnering with the client on the planning and design, the project team incorporated natural and raw materials in elegant and unusual ways, while reusing components of the landmark historic building’s original interiors to celebrate the authentic fabric of the original flatiron structure.


Darren Hull, Drew Kelly, GCI, Carlos Chavarria; Interior Design collaboration by Sara Williams

​The office environment feature a variety of settings, degrees of privacy, and space sizes in order to support multiple modes of work and social interaction. Breakout areas and huddle rooms facilitate impromptu group work and meetings. Adjustable-height workstations in open areas support employee comfort, while casually furnished alcoves provide refuge for more focused work. Amenities such as an organic juice bar and yoga studio encourage social connection and promote wellness.

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