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One Market Campus


Global Technology Company​


Workplace Planning and Design, Environmental Branding, LEED-CI Certified


San Francisco, CA


307,000 square feet

A 260,000sf vertical campus for this global technology leader required a design language that ties the interiors to the building’s urban waterfront context in order to reflect a strong sense of place. Spread across 12 floors of a high-rise structure overlooking the San Francisco Bay, the program is comprised of open work environments, visitor spaces, huddle and phone rooms, lounge areas, conference rooms, and a host of amenity spaces including fitness, massage, meditation, gaming, music, and a full-service café.


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A critical client goal to have employees take ownership of their workspace was achieved by involving user focus groups in the design process and by providing flexibility for employees to reconfigure their own work settings. Strategic placement of amenities connects departments across the entire building, while commissioned works from local muralists provide a unique identity for each floor. The design focuses on user comfort and wellness, as well as sustainability tracked via LEED certification and the Living Building Challenge’s Red List compliance.

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