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Workplace Planning and Design, Environmental Branding​


San Francisco, CA


47,000 square feet

For this London-based consultancy, work is all about communications. The company owns 15 marketing businesses previously located in dispersed offices throughout San Francisco. This project marked the consolidation of these subsidiary brands onto three contiguous floors in a downtown high-rise. A visioning session with project stakeholders revealed key project goals including improving communication among staff while allowing each group’s culture and unique identity to read clearly in the new space.


Anthony Lindsey

​The design solution locates all shared amenities including a reception, an all-hands meeting and dining space as well as client-facing presentation rooms onto a single, communal floor with rooftop terrace access. Depending on which agency is using this floor to interact with clients, the spatial experience is customized to reflect that company’s brand using color-changing LED lighting and flat panel logo monitors. On the shared workspace floors, artwork, ranging from video-game graphic wallcovering to hand-painted murals, plays a key part in reflecting the various brands’ individual personalities.

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