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Workplace Campus Planning and Design (LEED Gold v3 and WELL Silver targeted)​


San Francisco, CA


80,000 square feet

To revitalize an outdated workplace and reduce real estate footprint, McKesson engaged Huntsman to master plan, re-stack, and redesign eight floors of its corporate headquarters - a reduction from 25 floors. The result is an efficient, collaborative and dynamic environment that promotes wellness and employee satisfaction.


Anthony Lindsey

Each floor is strategically comprised of a social zone, public conferencing zone, and two work neighborhoods, with emphasis on direct connections between them. Advantages to this strategy include clear and consistent orientation throughout all floors, efficient and simplified building engineering solutions, and distribution of daylight to enhance wellness. Achieving both LEED and WELL standards, the design incorporates a focus on occupant comfort, ergonomics, and user amenities.

Building upon a workspace prototype, the design team allocated 60% of the space to collaborative and shared spaces. The new design also formally introduces a mobile work environment with groups targeting between 10% and 100% mobility. As a result, the usable square footage was reduced to approximately 100 square feet per person without sacrificing functionality or a sense of place.

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