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Kaiser IThrive


Kaiser Permanente


Workplace Prototype Development, Planning, and Design​


Oakland, CA


21,000 square feet

To create a new model for collaborative work, Kaiser’s technology group envisioned its IThrive office prototype as a recruiting tool to compete with high tech companies. The project pursues innovative concepts in office planning that foster knowledge sharing, idea exchange, and a stronger sense of community.


Jasper Sanidad

The design solution is comprised of a series of neighborhoods arranged around a community center, café, and game lounge. In keeping with Kaiser’s Thrive campaign for total health and well-being, the community center links to spaces for group fitness activities, recharge stations, and a flex room for yoga. The café provides natural and organic food options and is used for instructional demonstrations on nutrition and cooking classes.

The design team developed a menu of varying work environments tailored to today’s workstyles, ranging from open collaboration areas to quiet zones, communication pods, and scrum rooms, all intended for implementation in other office locations.

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