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Internet Media Company


Confidential Client


Services Headquarters Renovation


San Bruno, CA


95,000 square feet

With an opportunity to further cement its identity as a media powerhouse, the new offices create a space that communicates its position within the entertainment industry and reflect the company’s brand - edgy, urban, and youthful. Working closely with key stakeholders, Huntsman’s design team devised a series of vertical vignettes honoring innovators throughout history.


Marco Zecchin

The central design concept takes cues from pioneering, pop-culture icons and incorporate them floor by floor. It was also important to significantly embed its strong brand throughout the entire space. Upon entering the reception area, a wall of screens, from cell phones to tablets to LED televisions, are prominently displayed. A nearby control panel allows users to search and display videos on the devices. A number of other amenities are made available to staff members throughout the building, including cafés on every floor. The largest of them is the David Bowie themed Hunger Café, highlighting the famed singer’s chameleonic characters.

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