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Workplace Planning and Design​


Jersey City, NJ


16,000 square feet

Fast-growing needed their new corporate headquarters to allow for expansion, support recruitment efforts, and strongly reflect the company’s brand. Consolidating operations into a dynamic neighborhood, the foremost goal was to create a casual, yet curated environment that authentically conveys the company's values.


Garrett Rowland

Harkening back to a live/work loft or garage aesthetic, concrete floors and open ceilings set the stage for an inviting and lively workplace that reinforces the company's philosophy of family, collaboration, and transparency. Open work areas with a variety of settings allow staff to easily collaborate and for everyone to share light and views. A long chalkboard wall extends from reception through a lounge/café area which forms the central hub of the office. Here, employees are often found doodling inspirational artwork or formulating their next great ideas.

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