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Flagstar Bank


Flagstar Bank


Workplace Interior Design and Planning


Beverly Hills, CA


16,000 square feet

This national financial institution, sought to create a unique customer experience at their Beverley Hills financial center. Collaborating closely, we designed a space that seamlessly integrates into the neighborhood, fostering personal connections with clients.


Jasper Sanidad

Taking inspiration from renowned landmarks like Rodeo Drive and the Beverly Hills Hotel, the ambiance reflects timeless Hollywood glamour. The art deco design features elegant curves, opulent gold accents, and palm leaf motifs. Biophilic elements, such as wood accents, natural forms, abundant daylight, and greenery, create an inviting atmosphere. Timeless materials and solid natural marble flooring ground the public areas.

The client-facing area provides a secure and exclusive experience, featuring a boardroom, teller desk, and customer service area. Perimeter windows with flowing curtains offer filtered daylight while ensuring privacy and exclusivity.

A boardroom combines comfort and functionality, equipped with cutting-edge technology, leather, and wood finishes. Floor-to-ceiling curved glazing provides unobstructed views. A connecting relaxation space offers comfortable seating, ambient lighting, and greenery—a sanctuary for visitors seeking a momentary escape.

The bank prioritizes an equitable experience for staff, with collaborative meeting spaces and an organic pathway of green elements for wayfinding. The employee breakroom extends the front-of-house aesthetic, with warm wood tones, gold accents, and a porcelain mosaic floor. This serene café space acts as an oasis where employees gather, unwind, and recharge, fostering relaxation and rejuvenation.

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