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Financial Services Firm


Financial Services Firm


Workplace Strategy, Planning, and Design


New York, NY


70,000 square feet

Lacking further expansion opportunities in its current location, the growing IT group of this financial services firm retained Huntsman for a strategic workplace master plan and real estate search. Two full floors were selected in a newly constructed high-rise with state-of-the-art infrastructure and security. Of course, the incomparable views also played into the decision.


​Trent Bell

Addressing goals for a more egalitarian and flexible workspace, a neighborhood concept allows for expansion and contraction of teams on an as-needed basis. Open work areas are placed at the window line while interior spaces feature glass-fronts to capture daylight. Adjacent breakout areas and amenity areas feature writable wall surfaces to balance digital and analog collaboration modes.

A narrow corridor on one side of the building is the result of a base building mechanical area unique to the chosen floors. This apparent constraint was turned into an advantage through clever planning. Dubbed “The Alley”, this zone features a café, collaboration areas, and rooms for smaller meetings or heads-down work. Immediately a popular destination, the area even draws visitors from the adjacent headquarters building. Post-occupancy surveys indicate that all initial goals and the client's expectations were met or exceeded. Time to enjoy the views!

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