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Workplace Planning and Design


Seattle, WA


33,500 square feet

A new Pacific-Northwest regional office for Fenwick, a leading global law firm serving technology and Life-Science clients, reflects the firm’s modern, innovative ethos while embracing the region’s cultural heritage and aesthetic sensibilities.


Ed Sozinho

During a highly collaborative project planning process involving input from stakeholders across the organization, priorities for the work environment were clarified: A new benchmark for law office design that focuses on client engagement, flexibility, and inclusivity.

Dynamic client-centric areas include welcoming coffee bars, cozy nooks for informal gatherings, and adaptable meeting spaces with advanced technologies to support both physical and digital interaction.

Employees are free to choose from a variety of settings to support diverse work modes, privacy needs, and personal preferences. To flexibly support future needs, private offices are universal-size and open workstations can adapt to a variety of potential users.

In support of a more inclusive work environment, wellness rooms are designed for nursing mothers and also accommodate mentoring or therapy sessions. Natural light, sustainable materials, plants, artwork, and even local music are featured throughout to promote wellbeing, connectivity to the outdoors, and a sense of place.

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