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Office Design


New York, NY


22,500 square feet

The function of office space, including briefing centers, has changed in response to hybrid work, specifically increased mobility and the need for more purposeful interaction. This multi-function space in Fenwick's New York office was designed as a serene retreat for visitors and employees seeking a place for quiet work but is easily adaptable to activities focused on engagement for groups of 40 or more.


Garrett Rowland

A range of daylight-filled activity settings surround a central flexible hub anchored by a multi-purpose meeting room. Inspired by hospitality experiences, each perimeter vignette promotes comfort for the user, offering varying degrees of technology and acoustic privacy to allow a choice in work experience.

The design team found inspiration right outside the window. The distinct slope of Broadway appears in the geometry of the reception desk and the ceiling planks of the multi-purpose room. With wellbeing a priority, natural elements including wood, stone, and a calming carpet pattern were selected to reinforce the tranquil atmosphere. A canopy of glowing pendant lights and cascading greenery complete the professional aesthetic.

Conceived to address learnings from prolonged remote work, the design celebrates being together while honoring the need for quiet work. The resulting space echoes Fenwick's welcoming culture while being nimble enough to serve the ever-changing needs of the firm.

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