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Confidential Client


Office Design


New York, NY


22,500 square feet

The design team imagined a multi-purpose environment that feels more like a spa than a workplace for Fenwick's New York office. The space is sophisticated yet serene, matching the professionalism and approachability of the firm, adaptable to connecting or disconnecting.


Garrett Rowland

The function of the space ranges from hosting clients or events to an employee for quiet work. To achieve this, a range of settings surround a flexible, multi-purpose area, purposefully central to serve as the hub of that floor and away from the window line to maximize spaces exposed to daylight. Inspired by hospitality experiences, each vignette promotes comfort for the user and choices to match the varied needs of the firm.

To find inspiration, the design team looked right outside the window. The distinct slope of Broadway appears in the geometry of the reception desk and the ceiling planks of the multi-purpose room. With employee and visitor wellbeing a priority, the design team incorporated natural elements to reinforce the welcoming, tranquil atmosphere. Materials like: wood, stone, and even a carpet designed to promote calm were selected. A canopy of glowing pendants illuminates the space, while a display of greenery cascades down the ledge of the central hub space.

Conceived during quarantine, the design celebrates being together, while honoring the need for quiet work. The resulting space echoes Fenwick's welcoming culture and refined aesthetic while being nimble enough to serve the ever-changing needs of the firm.

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