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Workplace Planning and Design


New York, NY


36,400 square feet

Fenwick selected New York's Silicon Alley neighborhood for proximity to its technology-focused clientele. Working more like their clients than a traditional law firm, Fenwick desired a new workplace that would reflect its vibrant, entrepreneurial culture and have a strong sense of place. Repurposing the former offices of a media company, the design concept "brings the outside in" by paying homage to nearby open spaces and urban parks.


©Ines Leong / L-INES Photo

The central feature is a multi-functional collaboration space and adjacent stairway which acts as a vertical “main street”. Carpet planks in shades of grey and green evoke the New York Highline's blend of concrete walkways and untamed plants. This all-hands area dynamically adapts to user needs, providing meeting spaces, alternate workplaces, and event space. A key design challenge was repurposing existing furniture, lighting, and building systems to support the more open and collaborative workstyle of a modern law firm. Upcycling these elements contributed to meeting the project’s sustainability goals while providing Fenwick employees with a choice of settings to support a variety of work modes.

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