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Confidential Firm


Workplace Interior Design and Planning​





Transparency, light, and natural elements define the offices of this client, in a two-story building that embraces the surrounding natural light to create an intimate work environment. By leaning into the original architecture and strengths of the building and incorporating the use of natural materials and sustainable products, the Huntsman design team crafted a space that is comfortable, approachable, modern, and ecological.


Garrett Rowland

The design of the two floors separates public and private activity, while still maintaining an open-air feeling. This was emphasized by maximizing ceiling heights and expansiveness, exposed structural beams and cross-bracing, an abundance of natural light, and a private outdoor terrace that connects to the café.

The design team chose a variety of natural and bright materials alongside elegant colors and textures, creating a harmonic space that is also multi-functional. Specific zones, such as an open work area, enclosed collaboration spaces, and a guest conference center support the client’s workflow. The design solution emphasizes the client’s culture of openness and transparency, creating a friendly and comfortable work environment that encourages wellness and serenity.

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