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Confidential Financial Industry Client


Confidential Financial Industry Client


Workplace Interior Design and Planning​


San Francisco, CA


53,000 square feet

Having been in the same space for a decade this Financial Industry client was ready to create a space more aligned with their current open and collaborative culture. Design inspiration came from an unlikely, yet influential detail: mahogany doors from the owner's first office. To this organization the doors are a symbol of quality and represent an open and welcoming environment for clients and employees. The design team heard this and knew they wanted to use this symbol to inform the space. Applying a modern interpretation of the detailing from the door, you can see the design vocabulary permeate from reception to the break room.


Jasper Sanidad/544 Media

The entry experience was the first opportunity to realize this design vision. A light-filled with an open lounge for visitors. A mix of private offices and open workspace are incorporated both along the perimeter window line and inboard, with the goal of addressing a multi-generational workforce.

Spaces that encourage impromptu collaboration areas are sprinkled throughout the floor plate. The program allows for a variety of spaces for individual work, collaborative spaces, meeting, and socialization. Visual transparency is achieved through selective layering such as wood slat partitions that demise the public spaces while filtering light. Additionally, the breakroom is a central hub to allow for the entire team to gather and engage with each other and the organization. The resulting space nods to the past while shaping the future of the organization.

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