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Confidential Client


Delta Dental


Workplace Design


Camp Hill, PA


70,000 square feet

For nearly three decades, this confidential client operated from two separate buildings in Mechanicsburg. Seeking a unified space to accommodate all employees while upgrading interiors, technology, and energy-efficient systems, they turned to Huntsman. The design team was tasked to strengthen staff connections and support hybrid work through a cohesive office design.


Ryan Hayman, Hayman Studio

Drawing inspiration from the surrounding scenic overlooks and iconic covered bridges of Pennsylvania, our design team crafted a workspace reflecting seasonal colors and regional charm. Building upon branding precedents established at other locations, the team ensured a cohesive aesthetic that aligns with the organization’s corporate values and local culture.

Carefully selecting finishes and collaborating with Pennsylvania-based artists, the design team incorporated elements that speak to the region's significance. The result is a welcoming and functional workspace that not only fosters collaboration but also celebrates the unique character of the area.

Through this project, Huntsman has not only provided the client with a modern and efficient office but also created a space that honors the company's roots and fosters a sense of community among its employees. This is a longstanding client for whom we have designed multiple facilities, including their headquarters. We consistently build upon existing design standards to ensure continuity and create spaces that meet the client’s needs.

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