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Confidential Client


Confidential Cient


Workplace Interior Design and Planning​




16,650 square feet

When this firm tasked Huntsman to create a new office, the design team considered the needs of employees at every level of the company to create a beautiful and peaceful work environment that supports wellbeing and seamless productivity while intentionally counteracting a bustling and high-intensity industry.


Kendall McCaugherty © Hall + Merrick + McCaugherty Photographers​

From visioning sessions to design workshops, the client was deeply engaged in the design process. This input informed the team’s decisions on everything from programming to materials, resulting in a design solution tailored to the client’s culture, values, and workflow. Warm and inviting spaces feature clean lines, “quiet” architecture, sustainable materials, plenty of daylight, and elegant furnishings. Calm, uncluttered, and meditative down to the smallest details, the space promotes serenity throughout.

The planning strategy focused on uniting the company’s traditional organizational structure of individual desks with more collaborative spaces. Materials, furniture, and fixtures are not just attractive, but functional and mindful of their purpose. The employee café and lounge areas provide employees with the perfect space for gathering and respite in a space tailored towards tranquility.

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