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Coffee America


Coffee America


Office Planning and Design


New York, NY


10,200 square feet

Coffee is one of the most diverse and challenging commodities to trade in the world. Given the ever changing factors from local micro-climates to global macro-economics, the coffee industry is exposed to volatile market factors. Making sense of it all is Coffee America, a leading importer of coffee, cocoa beans and cocoa products to the U.S. The company retained Huntsman to plan and design its new corporate office, which entailed a relocation on Wall Street. Committed to sustainable agricultural practices, Coffee America desired sustainable design and construction principles to be part of the project objectives. In the new office, over 75 percent of the lighting specified is LED. Other sustainability efforts include improved indoor air quality and workstation heights that allow for maximized daylight and access to exterior views. A series of storefront walls and interior windows further enhance daylight and views, as well as foster visual connectivity between trading and executive and administrative teams. Weaving in a brand element into the project, the design team developed custom glass panels embedded with coffee beans. Upon approaching the office, visitors are greeted by the sight, if not the freshly brewed aroma, of coffee.


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