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Workplace Planning and Design, Building Renovation​


San Francisco, CA


31,000 square feet

An innovative and disruptive advertising agency, Argonaut prides itself on creating messages that surprise and delight the world, Argonaut wanted to embody the same spirit of its creative process in its headquarters space - the historic Avalon Ballroom, a former music venue in San Francisco.


David Wakely

The 31,000 square foot building was carefully restored to its original splendor while providing interior spaces that reflect Argonaut's brand and collaborative work style. The design focuses on work settings that match task and mood. Argonaut practices "free addressing" - encouraging staff to freely choose work settings where they can be most creative.

Drawing inspiration from the energy, flow, and sense of community of the space’s psychedelic 60's past, the main workspace is anchored by a custom continuous steel desking system that extends like a catwalk from a raised platform stage. At street level, a gallery space hosts local artists and community events, while rock & roll memorabilia and a constant music soundtrack throughout the space provide added inspiration.

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