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Workplace Planning and Design​


Boston, MA


30,000 square feet

Aquent, a leading marketing, web, and creative staffing agency, had partnered with Huntsman for the design of multiple regional offices in North America. For the firm’s Boston headquarters, a new approach to work settings was considered: What if employees could work anywhere, regardless of department, and choose from different settings? The resulting environment with zero assigned staff workspaces has become a singular, shared resource and the model for future locations.


Trent Bell

The building footprint features a central atrium around which a series of destinations offer varying social and focused work settings. Each setting has a unique personality - a terrace, pergola, back porch, library, general store, huts and start-up garage. Nature and the outdoors are made part of the experience through details like timber beams, lattice work panels, and oversized wood sliding doors, as well as plants. A concierge desk replaces the usual reception, and an open café provides flexible work settings and amenities for guests and employees.

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