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900 Cherry


Internet Media Company​


Workplace Planning and Design, LEED-CI Gold certified


San Bruno, CA


102,000 square feet

A six-story campus expansion allowed this client to affirm its identity as a global media powerhouse. The project goals were clear: Establish San Bruno as the company’s headquarters and create a space that uniquely reflects its brand - edgy, urban, and youthful.


Image Center

Amenities are distributed throughout the building as destinations. A dynamic media wall reflects the company’s six content verticals: News, entertainment, music, sports, kids & family, and gaming. Each floor is conceived as a cinematic set, where unique interactive brand experiences include mural walls, floor stencils, and quotes from famous online videos. Features like exposed ceilings and concrete floors create a raw canvas against which the highly themed elements stand out.

Extensive research of materials and furniture was required to comply with the Living Building Challenge’s Red List which restricts products with known harmful chemicals. Establishing building performance and wellness goals for the campus was a collaborative exercise, ultimately resulting in a workplace where employees thrive and the company’s media presence comes to life.

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