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50 California Street




Building Repositioning, Tenant Development Services


San Francisco, CA


680,000 square feet

To meet the client’s goal for a public lobby space that is a sensible and enduring long-term investment, yet authentic and true to the building, the priority was addressing the building’s identity and visitor experience. Clarifying the entry sequence involved relocating the main entrance from Davis Street to prominent California Street. The identity for the building is further enhanced though modern signage, a concierge style reception desk, landscaping, and commissioned artwork.


David Wakely

Expanding the lobby visually to the outside plaza and streetscape was achieved through a new frameless glass perimeter and by extending the lobby’s ceiling treatments. The result is a seamless public space that blurs the lines between interior and exterior. In the lobby and elevator cabs, wood wall panels are uniquely fabricated and derived from a single quarter swan log of olive ash. Figurative stone seating blurs the lines between furniture, natural elements and sculptural figures. The resulting design has a contemporary feel, capitalizing on the volume, scale, and original design of the building and site.

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