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315 Montgomery Street


Vornado Realty Trust


Building Architecture Services, Interior Design, and Site Design


San Francisco, CA


231,000 square feet

Built in 1922, 315 Montgomery Street is a 16-story high-rise originally known as the Commercial Union Assurance Building. Over time, the building became part of The Bank of America Center along with neighboring landmark structures. As part of Vornado's master plan for the Center, Huntsman designed base building renovations to support leasing strategies for creative, media, and technology tenants seeking unique architecture and floorplates.


David Wakely

The building lobby remodel incorporates new materials and lighting technology while preserving the Renaissance Revival fabric. A new entrance system allows for increased daylight, while honed stone flooring, glass panels, and new plaster walls further brighten the interiors. Contrasting the historic gold leaf ceiling, a contemporary security desk and artwork introduce modern elements. A renovated roof terrace provides tenants a welcome respite from downtown activity and enjoys bay views to the north.

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