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1 N Dearborn


Beacon Capital


Building Repositioning


Chicago, IL



Working strategically with their brokerage team, Huntsman delivered a vibrant space for one of Beacon Capital’s buildings in Chicago. By drawing inspiration from hospitality spaces, the suite is able to assign itself to various client types. Unique details throughout the suite, such as the mural in the main conference room done by a local artist, successfully create memorable moments. Collectively these elements differentiated this suite from the crowded market, and it leased before construction was completed.


James John Jetel

With low ceilings and multiple closed-off rooms that shut out natural light, the original layout of the space was dark and uninviting. Placing an emphasis on natural light and an open floorplan, while still embracing the darker, moodier spaces for the quiet zones, the design allows the space to feel welcoming, cozy, bright, and modern.

The layout is zoned for collaborative opportunities with the team and clients, social areas with colleagues, and quiet workstations for heads-down work. Sustainable materials and practices were utilized, standard for all our spec suite projects.

The design strategy kept most of the space open with a priority on keeping the main reception open and a focus on the perimeter windows. Instead of a sea of desks, upon entering visitors are now greeted by glass walls, exposed windows giving off plenty of natural light, various seating options and flexible workstations, ensuring employees can comfortably work from anywhere in the office.

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