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​Sequoia Consulting Group


Sequoia Consulting


Workplace Planning and Design​


San Mateo, CA


20,000 square feet

Sequoia provides business strategies for benefits, HR, and risk management. For their new San Mateo headquarters, the design team created a refined space that enhances employee collaboration and clearly communicates company values to staff and visitors.


Anthony Lindsey

An in-floor lighting feature in reception leads to flexibly furnished client-facing areas designed to accommodate informal gatherings as well as large events. Increased collaboration among teams is achieved through an expansive, unobstructed workspace allowing visual access to every Sequoia employee. A variety of meeting environments are placed nearby, ensuring that teamwork is never disruptive. References to Sequoia trees are found throughout the space in abstract wall decals, acoustical panel motifs, and a live edge wood table in the break room. These subtle cues serve as a foundation to express the culture and mission of the company through client quotes and core values focused on long-term success. The resulting visual language successfully translates Sequoia's story into a branded and innovative office environment.

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