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The Future of Workplace 

Today’s focus is on the evolving relationship of people to places and how that translates to more engaging experiences in the office. The post-pandemic workplace represents a huge culture shift and begs the question: what is the meaning behind returning to the office?

We begin by asking another question: What can the office provide that the home cannot? In short, a connection to people, company culture and brand, and an inspiring, engaged work environment that fosters inclusion and collaboration, resulting in work satisfaction and success.

Sketch of a day-in-the-life at an office

Consider this project through the lens of the “great return to office” as clients look beyond the pandemic, and employees seek a different type of workplace experience—one that prioritizes collaboration, technology, company brand and a culture of connection, and draws inspiration from outside of the traditional workplace environment.

This design concept draws inspiration from outside of the traditional workplace environment and offers an ecosystem of places – including the home, office, and “third” workplaces - for employees to connect, collaborate, and recharge. Space once had rigid, predetermined confines. This design now imagines a workplace that is adjustable and adaptable to the daily needs of its occupants and evolving business conditions. By using real estate efficiently, all space is optimized. All the “flexible” spaces are truly flexible and encompass all the amenities needed for wellbeing, collaboration, and safety.

At the heart of the concept is a team-centric space that anchors the collaborative landscape designed to bring people together, to reconnect with the brand, and for the facilities to bend and stretch for evolving business needs. Emphasis on clean air and water, biophilia, and a visually calming aesthetic reinforces wellbeing and safety in this space. Amenities are user-centric, and furnishings have hospitality-level comfort with comfortable, movable recyclable lounge pieces upholstered in cleanable fabrics.

What can you take away from this exercise? We understand your culture is unique, just as your business needs are unique, and thus the outcome of your project shouldbe unique. Solutions must be individualized to be successful. Engagement with your architect, designer, and workplace strategist is more important than ever in finding your perfect workplace solution.

Sketch of a workplace concept illustrating places to connect, collaborate, and recharge.
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