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Workplace Strategy,
Planning, and Design


New York, NY


37,000 square feet

Moody's, a data-driven organization, partnered with Huntsman to create a new hybrid, multi-modal workplace that supports meaningful interaction. The design prioritizes collaboration, flexibility, and inclusivity, providing a prototype floor that embodies these principles. The space offers a variety of settings designed for different work styles, empowering employees to choose where and how they work best. Open, tech-equipped areas encourage collaboration and knowledge-sharing, while circular semi-enclosed conference hubs with 360-degree video technology ensure equal representation for all employees.


Modular pavilions with reconfigurable furniture provide reserved spaces for focused interactions, supported by phone rooms and open workspaces. Traditional desks are replaced with writable, height-adjustable surfaces, fostering ad-hoc idea-sharing. The office floor features striking collaboration areas, including the "North Landing" with panoramic city views and a multi-purpose room for training and events. Recharge areas offer quieter moments, while a vibrant café with city skyline views encourages socialization and connects employees with the local community.

Sustainability is integral to the design, with FSC-certified wood, recycled materials, and recycling of construction waste. The incorporation of plants, access to natural light, and a biophilic color palette support a healthy and serene environment. The firm aims to create people-first environments that promote collaboration, innovation, and employee autonomy, including work-from-home options. The success of this project will guide the implementation of similar spaces across Moody's global portfolio, as early occupancy levels suggest that employees thrive in inclusive, inspiring, and supportive work environments.

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